County Mayor Cllr Mary McCamley met with teachers and pupils from Kilcoskan National School recently at the Atrium at County Hall, Swords.

The school was invited to receive a Biodiversity Certificate from the Mayor in a National Tree Week event sponsored by the Swords Woodland Association (SWA).

Kilcoskan NS has a very remarkable biodiversity system integrated into their school campus, the school recently completed a local tree planting initiative organised by the SWA, which matches the ongoing projects in their curriculum.

The recent project involves a ‘copy nature’ tree nursery box and the ‘Grow a Native Tree locally’ initiative promoted by the woodland association.

The ‘Grow a Native Tree Locally’ Initiative was supported by Fingal County Council and The Dublin Airport Authority Community Fund.

The event was opened by the project organiser Edward Stevenson and local Councillor Joe Newman. The Mayor welcomed everybody to the Atrium before presenting the award certificate.

A special award was made to the family of Ken Doyle who was a founder member of The Swords Woodland Association, sadly Ken passed away last September.

He will be remembered as a positive and dedicated advocate for sustainable urban forestry and green infrastructure.

The Mayor spoke to Ken’s wife Annette and family members who attended the event to accept a commemorative SWA poster/photograph, which was especially designed by SWA member Ronan Lynch.

The Mayor also presented a certificate to Ciaran Caulfield, principal of Kilcoskan Nation School, to recognise the achievement of the teachers and pupils in completing the ‘Grow a Native Locally’ Project.

After receiving the Award, Ciaran Caulfield provided a presentation and explained how biodiversity activities form part of the school’s environment. He stressed the educational values to all students in this whole of school approach. He also thanked The SWA, the Council and DAA for their support.


Pupils and teachers from Kilcoskan NS are pictured with Mayor Mary McCamley and Cllr Joe Newman after receiving their award at County Hall, Swords.