Promoting sustainable woodlands in the greater Swords area

Swords Woodland Association seeks to create a well-planned quality of life for those who live, work and visit the Greater Swords Area through the maintenance, enhancement and sustainable development of our woodlands and existing green belt. We support land use planning that recognises the benefits of forestry, woodlands, allotments and community gardens in generating healthy urban communities. We advocate direct input to policy makers.

We believe that our community needs to understand the challenges of decreasing biodiversity, climate change, river basin protection, flood attenuation and other issues that may arise more quickly than we wish. We will join with others in the sharing of relevant information.

We seek to link new and existing transport commitments to land use plans that sustainably address the housing and movement needs of citizens. SWA strongly advocates for the enhancement and further development of pedestrian and cycling options in the Greater Swords Area.

Guided by the belief that wellbeing is a social asset, SWA advocates for properly scaled eco-tourism initiatives that offer the benefits of outdoor pursuits and exercise to all citizens of and visitors to the Greater Swords Area.

We seek a climate of genuine partnership and engagement within communities that will assist in defining constructive and sustainable goals.

We endorse the concepts of open government and advocate for simplification of access in the planning process. We seek to introduce greater respect and equity in all public spheres.